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Rural Living at a Great rate

USDA loans are government backed loans insured by the US Department of Agriculture. As population growth trends show, more and more Americans are choosing cities and surrounding urban areas to call home. USDA loans are tailored to those who wish to live in rural or semi-suburban areas across the country. To incentivize these purchases, USDA loans require zero down on the loan so long as certain requirements are met. 

At Federal Hill Mortgage, we believe in helping finance the place you hope to call home. Our Maryland mortgage brokers, lenders, and experts can help make your country living dreams a reality. 

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To acquire your USDA loan, it's important to first seek pre-approval. Pre-approval allows your broker or lender to begin the process of surveying your financials, and supply you with an estimate of what you'll be able to afford. 

Now it's time to apply for your loan. Your broker will take an in-depth dive into your finances, and will be able to carve out the right loan option and rate for your situation. 

Find eligible homes in beautiful rural areas, and select the country home you've always wanted. 

understanding USDA mortgages

What you need to know about USDA loans

When you’re looking for the best Maryland mortgage rates and loans, a USDA loan is a great option, especially if city life is not for. USDA loans have certain requirements prospective borrowers must meet to secure the loan. Let’s take a look at them. 

Down Payment

The primary reason for selecting a USDA loan is because you have the ability to access no money down on the home. This is to help incentivize buyers to look in less popular areas over rapidly overflowing urban locations. 

Location Requirements

For a property to be eligible for a USDA loan, it has to be located in an area the government defines as rural or semi-suburban. Only properties located in these areas will qualify for a USDA loan. To determine which areas are applicable, you can use this tool from the USDA

Credit Score

Unlike some other government-backed loans, USDA loans require slightly higher credit scores for borrowers to qualify. Typically, borrowers need a credit score of 640. However, options may be available to those with lower scores, but require more stringent underwriting standards. Additionally, your debt-to-income ratio must be at 41% or below. However, borrowers with a score of 680 or more may be able to access allowances for higher a DTI ratio. 

Income Limits

USDA loans are bracketed by income limits, and preferences are given to low to moderate-income buyers. Income limits vary by area, so be sure to consult with your Maryland mortgage brokers to determine if you qualify. 

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