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Tammy’s knowledge of financing is second to none. I have worked with many lenders in my 30 years in the real estate business and no one else matches Tammy’s knowledge, integrity, tenacity, thoroughness and delivery of the absolute best and competitive financing terms for myself and my clients. I trust her implicitly to get the job done and to treat my clients fairly and honestly. Her integrity and professionalism is second-to-none. She does her homework and identifies problems and issues early in the transaction process and then works to resolve the issue or direct the client to a solution that WILL work given their situation. She is also quick to acknowledge when she cannot help someone. This saves everyone a lot of time and effort by being honest upfront as to what will and what will not work. Tammy is a valuable member of my team of professionals. She helps me deliver the superior results to my clients that they have come to expect from me and those I associate with.

Ben Frederick IIIOwnerBen Frederick Realty, Inc.