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904 Light Street
Baltimore, MD 21230

About a year ago, my wife and I were looking to refinance our home (lower our rate and shorten our term) without increasing our loan balance.  I contacted my current lender (BOA) about refinancing our loan and they told me it would cost me approximately $5,000.  Next, we contacted my wife’s credit union.  They were no help either because our loan balance would increase by several thousand dollars.  I got a referral for Federal Hill Mortgage and spoke with Tammy.  Tammy said we can lower your rate and reduce your term at no cost!  I moved forward with Federal Hill and they delivered on what they said they could do.  I got a lower interest rate, shortened my term, with virtually no loan increase, and I was able to settle at my house!  Excellent follow-up and communication.   Great job by Tammy and the folks at Federal Hill Mortgage Company.

Russell O. Sanders