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I strongly recommend Tammy and her team to serve your mortgage needs based on her in-depth knowledge of the mortgage industry, creativity in financing options, and a customer service that is exemplary in both response time AND respect of the customer. My husband and I have worked with Tammy on both a refinance and a new mortgage. Due to education related expenses which caused some late payments, our credit score was what was considered “below average”. It was such a source of embarrassment for us as we tried to get out from these financial pressures and Tammy always treated us with such dignity. Above all, her confidence in securing our re-fi and new mortgage was a gift to us at a time when we felt very unsure and overwhelmed. She gave us different options and carefully explained the pros and cons of each. I encourage anyone reading these reviews to work with Tammy at Federal Hill Mortgage – you will receive stellar service from someone who knows your name, exhibits risk-appropriate creativity in a non-creative industry, and is diligent in her follow-through of the mortgage process. Thank you Tammy and team!!!

Samantha Hall