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The following article was written by Andrea Sommer, Executive Director of Federal Hill Main Street, and was published in the December 2013 edition of the Federal Hill Main Street Association Newspaper.

BALTIMORE, MD – Every neighborhood has their own hidden gems, and one of Federal Hill’s is tucked away on Patapsco Street, just a few steps from the Cross Street Market. Federal Hill Mortgage has been serving customers since 2006, when Ryan Saul and Tammy Saul (formerly Lennon) combined their many years of experience in the indesutry to open their own company. They married in 2011, and Federal Hill is not only home base for their company, but it has also become the neighborhood they call home. Both are fans of city life, and plan to always keep their buiness here. As Tammy states, “this is where the life and action of Maryland are.”

While the financial downturn of 2007-2008 wiped out many mortgage companies, Federal Hill Mortgage actually flourished, and they continue to thrive in this volatile industry. The credit for this success can be given to the talented and driven team behind the company. Ryan Saul handles much of the “behind the scenes” work, such as licensing, compliance and management. Tammy Saul handles almost all of the company’s clients. Her impressive credentials include highschool valedictorian, earning a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Baltimore in just one year, graduating from the University of Maryland School of Law one semester early, and then passing the Maryland Bar on her first attempt. Professionally, Tammy spent a few years practicing as an attorney, and continues to be licensed. “People frequently ask me why I left the law firm work for mortgages. In 2003, I met my husband Ryan, a 10-year mortgage veteran. I didn’t take mortgages seriously at the time, but decided to ‘try it out’ for a few months while in between jobs. One month led to another, and 18 months later, Ryan and I had accumulated enough know-how, capital and dedicated client base to open our own mortgage company. Since then, we have grown nearly exclusively by word of mouth referrals.”

These referrals continue to come, bringing clients to their Federal Hill office for a variety of mortgage programs. For Tammy, a first generation immigrant who came to the United States as a toddler, “property and business ownership is the ultimate American Dream. For me, to enable that is powerful. And I love empowering people, both homeowners as well as real estate investors who own property as a form of business ownership.” Her skills and dedication to her clients are apparent to those shes works with, including prominent real estate broker Ben Frederick III of Ben Frederick Realty, who writes: “Tammy’s knowledge of financing is second to none. I have worked with many lenders in my 30 years in the real estate business and no one else matches Tammy’s knowledge, integrity, tenacity, thoroughness and delivery of the absolute best and competitive financing terms for myself and my clients. I trust her implicity to get the job done and to treat my clients fairly and honestly. Her integrity and professionalism are second-to-none. She does her homework and identifies problems and issues early in the transaction process and then works to resolve the issue or direct the client to a solution that WILL work given their situation.”

It is these challenging cases that make Federal Hill Mortgage stand out. Tammy is proud to say “we will find a way if one is out there.” Their personalized approach allows them the time and resources to look at an application more in depth, and figure out all the possible financing options. Over the past six years, the mortgage industry has changed drastically; small details make all of the difference. Federal Hill Mortgage has become very adept at identifying and addressing these details. They can respond quickly to ensure loans are closed, and discover ways to finance applications that have previously been turned down by larger operations. Tammy and her staff are also well versed in the Baltimore City grant programs available to first time home buyers, and tailoring loans that work with those grants. They are experienced working with first-time homebuyers, and can walk them through the entire process.

With their continuing success, the secret is out about Federal Hill Mortgage. You will see much more of them as they are expanding their operations to a new, larger neighborhood location, and expanding their staff as well. Their website, www.FederalHillMortgage.com is also undergoing some big changes. Be sure to check it out over the next few months to discover their new Federal Hill address.

You can reach Federal Hill Mortgage via phone (1-800-551-9198, extension 103 for Tammy Saul) or e-mail at [email protected].

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