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Commercial Real Estate Loans are designed to meet the unique needs of business owners and investors. These loans offer a blend of flexibility and competitive rates, tailored to support the acquisition, development, or refinancing of commercial properties. Whether you’re expanding your business footprint, investing in new properties, or refinancing existing ones, our commercial loan options are crafted to align with your business objectives and financial strategy. Trust our expertise to guide you through your commercial real estate financing journey.

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When you choose us, we use our extensive network of lending partners to guarantee you the best rates available. We streamline the process, ensuring that you receive the most advantageous rates and save you both time and money on your home purchase.

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Step into the fast lane with our same-day pre-approvals. Many of our clients find themselves pre-approved in the same day, setting the stage for a smooth home-buying experience.

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Leveraging our expansive network of top lenders, we eliminate the need for you to shop around. Our rates are not only competitive but come with the trust and expertise of a seasoned team with over 18 years in the industry. Your dream home is just a decision away.

Understanding the Benefits

Commercial Real Estate Loan Features:

  • Competitive Interest Rates

    Secure some of the most attractive interest rates in the market for your commercial real estate investments.

  • Diverse Loan Terms

    Choose from a variety of loan durations and structures to find the perfect fit for your business's financial situation.

  • Tailored for Various Property Types

    Use your commercial loan for a range of property types, including office buildings, retail spaces, warehouses, and more.

  • Higher Loan Limits

    Commercial loans often come with higher loan limits, allowing for significant property investments or developments.

  • Flexible Repayment Options

    Benefit from flexible repayment plans that align with your business's cash flow and financial planning.

  • Streamlined Application Process

    Our streamlined application process makes it easier and faster to secure financing, so you can move forward with your business goals.

  • Expert Guidance

    Get expert advice and guidance throughout the loan process, ensuring a smooth and informed financing experience.

Wondering If a Commercial Real Estate Loan Fits Your Needs?

We understand that every business has unique financing needs. At Federal Hill Mortgage, we're not just about loans; we're about supporting your business growth. We're committed to providing clarity, transparency, and a personalized approach to every step of your commercial financing journey.

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Common questions about Commercial Real Estate Loans

  • A Commercial Real Estate Loan is a type of financing used to purchase, develop, or refinance commercial properties. It's ideal for real estate investors and business owners looking to expand their commercial property portfolio or invest in new commercial spaces.

  • Commercial Real Estate Loans can be divided into two types: Permanent Loans and SBA Financing. Permanent Loans are similar to residential mortgages and are often the primary loan for a commercial property. They require a minimum repayment term of five years. SBA Financing offers two main loan programs: SBA 504 and SBA 7A. The SBA 504 program provides long-term fixed-rate financing for owner-occupied small business properties. It is suitable for real estate purchases, refinancing, and certain soft costs. It requires a lower down payment for eligible borrowers. In contrast, SBA 7A is designed for higher-risk loans, such as business and building purchases. It usually has adjustable interest rates tied to the prime rate and higher upfront costs compared to the 504 loan.

  • The SBA 504 program offers long-term, fixed-rate financing for owner-occupied small business properties. It's used for purchasing real estate, refinancing, and covering certain soft costs. This program is often preferred over conventional commercial loans due to its lower down payment requirement for qualified borrowers. The maximum repayment term for real estate loans under this program is 25 years.

  • The SBA 7A program is designed to finance higher-risk loans, such as business and building purchases. It typically features adjustable interest rates linked to the prime rate and has higher upfront costs compared to the 504 loan. The maximum repayment term for real estate loans under the 7A program is also 25 years.

  • Commercial Real Estate Loans offer several benefits, including the ability to leverage property investments, access to large amounts of capital, and potentially favorable repayment terms and interest rates. These loans can significantly aid in business expansion and portfolio diversification.