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Tammy Saul, a top-five U.S. mortgage broker and loan officer, leverages her unique background as an attorney with an MBA to differentiate herself in a field often bound by tradition. Her dual expertise allows a broader, more client-centric approach compared to typical sales-driven methods.

Throughout her career, Tammy has expertly handled thousands of loans, orchestrating successful outcomes even in the most complex scenarios. Tammy doesn’t just mastermind loans; she builds lasting relationships, guiding clients with precision and genuine care. Her dedication is reflected in her impressive client and referral partner retention rate, with the majority of her business coming from loyal repeat clientele and direct referrals.

Tammy’s rise in the industry rankings reflects her work ethic, innovative problem-solving and reputation as a trusted advisor among clients and real estate professionals alike. 

Passion for the Business and her Clients

Tammy Saul has a strong passion for real estate, finance, and the art of guiding even the most nervous homebuyer through what for them is often a terrifying process. 

Based in Maryland since 2001, Tammy Saul is renowned for closing loans that no one else can. Her mantra – whatever it takes, is one of the reasons over 70% of her business is repeat clientele. Tammy reveals, “I am naturally competitive and driven to succeed – qualities I direct to my client’s court to help them get the best loan terms possible.”

Track Record

Tammy Saul is the official number one loan officer in her home state and ranks in the top five list of mortgage brokers in the U.S., according to The Scotsman Guide, the official ranking source for loan officers. In 2023, Tammy earned the distinction of being the first female to have ever achieved the #1 loan officer ranking in Maryland, breaking a long-standing industry barrier.

Tammy’s success is rooted in a personal drive to bring clarity and white-glove service to every client which combined with her unstoppable work ethic has earned her a reputation as a trusted advisor to clients, business managers, and real estate professionals alike.

Mission and Leadership

As Co-Founder and CEO of Federal Hill Mortgage, Tammy leads her team with a mission to provide exceptional customer service and best-in-class loan solutions for home and purchase, refinance, home equity, and construction loans. While Tammy is recognized as a mortgage wizard at the highest end of the real estate market, she lends her expertise to every type of home and property owner. “We work with a diverse client base. I look at every client as an opportunity to build a lifetime relationship. The amount of their loan is inconsequential”, states Tammy.

In tough economic times, Tammy is a hero. She has rescued thousands of panicked home buyers left stranded by struggling lenders who could not perform. Her ability to tap into long-standing relationships with banks and investors affords her the capacity to reliably close loans even when the economy is on volatile ground.


Tammy holds three degrees: An undergraduate degree in International Studies from Towson University, a Master’s in Business from the University of Baltimore School of Business, and a Law Degree from the University of Maryland School of Law. She practiced law for several years before founding Federal Hill Mortgage in 2005. To this day, she is still a Maryland-licensed attorney.

Personal Life

Tammy (birth name Tamila) was born in Kiev, Ukraine. Her parents escaped Ukraine in 1979 to bring her and her younger brother Oleg here in pursuit of the American Dream. She speaks English and Russian and credits her drive and passion for business and servant leadership to her first-generation immigrant upbringing.

Tammy lives in Maryland with her husband Ryan and two young children, Paxton and Mila.


Media outlets and industry professional organizations often seek Tammy’s expertise as a business leader as well as for her knowledge of mortgage lending trends. She has spoken on numerous podcasts and is frequently quoted in highly-regarded news outlets including the Scotsman Guide (the leading benchmark for ranking in the mortgage industry), National Mortgage News, and Mortgage Professional America Magazine. In 2021, she was profiled in coach Carl White’s Loan Officer Champions.

Tammy’s clients rave about her knowledge and professionalism – see her reviews to learn more.

Achievements and Awards

Tammy Saul has consistently demonstrated her prowess and dedication in the mortgage industry, earning numerous accolades and recognitions:

  • Educational Achievements: Tammy holds three degrees—a Bachelor’s in International Studies from Towson University, an MBA from the University of Baltimore School of Business, and a JD from the University of Maryland School of Law. Her educational background has provided a strong foundation for her unique and effective approach to mortgage lending.

  • Top Mortgage Broker and Loan Officer: Tammy ranks as the number one producing loan officer in Maryland and consistently places among the top mortgage brokers in the U.S. according to The Scotsman Guide. Her extraordinary achievements include closing over $312 million in loans and managing up to 951 transactions in a single year.

  • 150 Million Dollar Club: Tammy’s exceptional performance placed her in the elite 150 Million Dollar Club in 2021, a testament to her significant loan volumes and her ability to navigate the complexities of the mortgage market.

  • Power Originator Awards Finalist: Recognized for her outstanding contributions and leadership in the mortgage industry, Tammy was a finalist in the Power Originator Summit, celebrating her influence and dedication to advancing the sector.

  • Leader in Business Growth: Doubling her business volume in a single year, Tammy exceeded all her set goals dramatically, showcasing her ability to thrive under pressure and her commitment to excellence.

  • Champion for Immigrants and First-Time Homebuyers: With a personal connection to the immigrant experience, Tammy is deeply committed to assisting first-time homebuyers and immigrants in achieving the American dream, leveraging her expertise to make homeownership accessible and understandable.

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