The History of Federal Hill Baltimore

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Since our inception, we’ve been proud to call Federal Hill Baltimore home. Not only is Federal Hill our company’s namesake, but it is also a wonderful neighborhood with a unique history that is important to the larger story of Baltimore City. Today, we want to give you a little insight into the neighborhood of Federal Hill.

Early History Within Baltimore

Federal Hill’s location directly on the Inner Harbor was central to its historical significance. In the 18th century, the Federal Hill neighborhood was a hub for shipbuilding. As wooden parts were traded for iron, the shipyards of Federal Hill adapted. This includes when WWII arrived and the neighborhood became a central location that supplied and repaired ships to assist with the war effort.

Federal Hill Park

A central feature of the neighborhood is of course Federal Hill Park. A lovely spot for recreation, with some of the best views of the city to boot, Federal Hill Park has also played a key role in Baltimore’s history. Visitors to the park will notice the replica cannons aimed at the Inner Harbor. These cannons represent a central piece of Civil War history within the region. Following the Baltimore City Riot of 1861, a thousand Union troops under the command of General Benjamin F. Butler established a small fort at the location of the park. Artillery cannons were aimed directly at Baltimore’s downtown area. This was to help ensure the allegiance, or at the very least, good behavior, of Confederate supporters within the City. This show of force fortunately never played out, but it remains an intriguing piece of Federal Hill’s history.

Federal Hill Today

Today, Federal Hill is one of Baltimore’s most desirable neighborhoods for residents and visitors. The park draws in a crowd to take in the gorgeous views offered of the Inner Habor and Harbor East. Federal Hill’s main strip also offers a lively nightlife scene. Throughout the neighborhood, there are a variety of unique attractions for visitors to experience. The Cross Street Market incorporates dining and mixed vendors in a renovated, historic building. The American Visionary Art Museum offers unique, one-of-a-kind art displays, while the Baltimore Museum of Industry celebrates the long history of Baltimore as an industrial powerhouse.

We’re proud to call Federal Hill home. We couldn’t think of a better namesake for our business, and we’re honored to see how the neighborhood continues to grow and change. As the number #1 ranked mortgage lender in Maryland, Federal Hill Mortgage is here to help you find the home of your dreams. Reach out today to get started.

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