Sign the Petition to Cap Baltimore City's Property Tax Rate

Are you tired of skyrocketing property taxes in Baltimore City? Together, we can advocate for an amendment to Baltimore City’s Charter to put a cap on property tax rates.

Join us in making Baltimore City a more affordable place to live and work. Sign the petition today and be part of the movement for a brighter, more financially sustainable future.

How to Sign the Petition

While the process of completing and signing the petitions is very simple, state and local laws for referendum petitions require that signatures must be filled-in and signed on paper (all other information may be printed or typed in the appropriate space on the form). Completed forms can be dropped off or mailed to: Federal Hill Mortgage at 1240 Key Hwy, Baltimore, MD 21230

Downloading and Printing the Petition

**You must be a registered voter in Baltimore City (Click here to check your registration status.) **

  1. The petition can be downloaded and can be completed electronically; however, it is essential that your signature be signed in ink.
  2. Complete the petition with your full legal name and address as it appears on your voter registration.
  3. The petition must be printed as a two-sided (front-back) document in order to be valid and get counted. If you are unable to print double-sided documents, please email us to have the petition printed for you to sign at our office.

Transforming Baltimore's Future

Baltimore City has seen a steady decline in population since the 1950s, coupled with a property tax rate that’s more than double that of any other jurisdiction in the state. But history shows that change is possible.

Consider this: San Francisco, Boston, and Washington DC all faced similar population challenges from 1950 to the late ’70s. Yet, by implementing property tax reforms, they turned their losses into gains.

San Francisco’s tax rate dropped from 3% to 1% in 1978, leading to a population resurgence. Boston reformed its property tax system in 1982 with Proposition 2.5, resulting in increased population and decreased crime. Even Washington DC experienced a transformation when tax reform was passed in 1999.

Now, it’s Baltimore’s turn. Our citizen-led petition drive aims to cap property tax rates for Baltimore City property owners. This cap will be phased in over seven years, culminating in a rate of $1.20 starting July 1, 2031. Our studies indicate that this gradual decline won’t harm Baltimore’s finances. In fact, as population grows and vacant properties are revitalized, city revenue will increase, offsetting the rate decrease.

At $1.20, we’ll still have the highest property tax rate in Maryland, but we’ll be competitive with neighboring counties. To make this change, we need your support. To get the Charter Amendment on the ballot, we must secure petitions signed by 10,000 registered Baltimore City voters.

Join us in reshaping Baltimore’s future—sign the petition today!